Permanent staff

For routine tasks TA cannot rely on sporadic or occasional help but counts on a permanent staff working in shifts: there are presently no openings available for short-term volunteers.

Fostering, for Rome residents only:

We are always in desperate need of "foster parents" for immature kittens that would be at risk in the shelter.
Again, we look for responsible adults who can provide a safe environment for kittens (by personal preference: one or more; newborn or older kittens) until they are fully vaccinated.
Fostered kittens must then be returned to the shelter to be spayed, neutered and, hopefully, homed.

There is no cost involved for the “foster parents”: TA will provide food, basket, litter box and will vaccinate kittens at two months followed by a booster shot three weeks later.

If you are available to help out especially during this very busy time of the year (April-August), please get in touch via mail, phone or better yet, drop by the shelter!