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Gender: Female

Color: Black and white

In shelter since: 09-12-2004

A kind lady found this seriously injured young cat and took her to the vet for care. The cat’s right front leg could not be saved and was amputated. If the cat had not been feral, she would have found a home with her rescuer but Orcetta was not ready to settle in a home. Her disability qualified her for a TA residency and Orcetta accepted this option: the access to the large Area Sacra but also to the dark storage rooms where baskets await cats that want to come in from the cold, sounded like a good compromise. She also enjoys relaxing in the little garden. Pretty Orcetta does a lot of PR for TA because passers by notice this three legged cat jumping and running around among the ruins and come down to ask about her. Orcetta has become a bit more courageous recently. She comes inside, often towards evening probably to check whether the humans have gone home already. An adoption at a distance would make her a proud representative of all three legged cats

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